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Consciously Crafted Chocolate

About Us

We are Tilda & Cacao. We believe in creating positive change for each other and the planet, one chocolate at a time.

Our Team

Who's behind Tilda & Cacao

Tilda & Cacao co-founder Sarah has built a successful career as a pastry chef and chocolatier for more than 14 years. Sarah enjoys sharing her passion and creativity for chocolate, inspiring others along the way through her teaching experience.

Sarah and her partner, Tilda & Cacao co-founder Erik, live in Gerringong, NSW, with their daughter, Rosie.

Erik is passionate about creating positive change for the next generation, beginning with his daughter, Rosie.

Erik brings many years of data-driven marketing experience alongside his entrepreneurial drive and desire to educate his daughter on the importance of understanding how our decisions impact the world around us.

Our Story

How it started

After spending more than a decade building our careers in Sydney, in 2016 we became parents to our daughter Rosie.

How our everyday choices impact each other and the planet was an important lesson we wanted to teach Rosie, so we began to think about ways we could put this into practice.

In early 2020 our family moved from Sydney's Northern Beaches to Gerringong on the NSW South Coast. Once we settled into our new home, the Tilda & Cacao journey began.

Sarah had always wanted to turn her creative outlet into an ethical and sustainable business, bringing together learnings from the past 14 years as a pastry chef and chocolatier.

We started to plan our vision for the business and brand, Tilda & Cacao. We named Tilda & Cacao eponymously after our daughter and our inspiration, Rosie Tilda.

One priority included sourcing suppliers, growers and producers who would ensure sustainability across the entire chain from bean to bar without compromising on quality.

Sarah spent the first COVID-19 lockdown perfecting our first batch of unique flavours available now: Tropical Oasis, Rainforest Rarity, Hand & Wild Harvest and Plain & Simple 80%.

It has been an exciting ride so far, and we are thrilled to introduce Tilda & Cacao to the world.

Our Vision

What we believe in

Our vision is for Tilda & Cacao to reflect our passion and the way we live our everyday life. Our family believes in ethical living: we care about our environment and our community.

We work with those who share our values, and they guide us on each step of our journey.

Happy planet, happy humans

We believe that care for the earth and care for ourselves and humankind are interdependent and mutually inclusive.

What we do matters

We believe that our daily choices and actions make a difference. We strive to do the "right" thing, so we are part of the solution and not the problem.

Our Chocolate

What we handcraft

We create chocolate using raw organic Criollo cacao sourced from UTZ Certified Organic farmers in Peru.

Our chocolate is plant-based, vegan friendly and free from additives, gluten and refined sugar. We source our ingredients from sustainable and ethical growers and producers in Australia and around the world.

The Tilda & Cacao launch range includes native Australian inclusions, such as finger lime, Davidson Plum and macadamia nuts.

Why choose our chocolate

Small batch & Australian Made

Handcrafted with love in Gerringong on the NSW South Coast

Naturally delicious

Plant-based, vegan friendly and free from additives, gluten, dairy and refined sugar

Raw Organic Criollo Cacao

Fairly traded and grown by UTZ Certified Organic farmers in Peru